Welcome to Colorfield Studios

Colorfield Studios is a full service boutique digital agency located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Fueled by obsession of interaction and digital storytelling, we are commited to exploring new digital technologies to serve your brand's online presence. Sometimes we have shows.

Our Services

Web Design

Shaping your brand's online presence with award-winning websites and experiences that change minds

Audio Production

Tracking, mixing, producing & mastering services – come live-track your band through vintage analog gear

Marketing Strategy

We are passionate about telling digital stories that connect with people. Everything else is just click-bait

Video Production

Telling compelling stories through the magic of video. Remember, It didn't happen unless there's video proof

The Studio

The recording facilities at Colorfield Studios were designed from the ground up to provide great acoustic sound quality alongside a simple and straightforward workflow. With a diverse combination of digital and vintage analog gear, and soundproofing that would make a prepper blush, creating great sound is as easy as plugging in a microphone. The centerpiece of our control room is based around a 24-channel Rupert Neve 5060 summing mixer and 2 tt patchbays.  In addition to our control room, we have a 500 square-foot live room, and two separate isolation rooms to accommodate any size project and entourage.

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The Gear

Neve 5060 Centerpiece 24-channel summing mixer

Universal Audio Apollo
Apogee Rosetta 800 (192k)

Avid Pro Tools 10
MOTU Digital Performer 7
too many plugs to mention

(2x) Adam Audio A7x powered monitors
(2x)Original Auratone Mix cubes 

Dynamics Outboard
Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor
Kush Audio Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer
UAD 2-1176 Twin limiting amplifier
Empirical Labs EL8-X (2x)
Crane Falcon Tube Compressors (2x)
Neve 2254R limiter/compressor
Neve 542 True Tape Emulators (2x) 
Handsome Audio Zulu Stereo Passive Tape Simulator

Mic Pres
Portico 5012 dual mic pre (2x)
API 512 Mic Pre (2x)
Great River NV500
Avedis MA5
Rupert Neve 511
Burl B1D
Chandler Lil Devil Mic pre
Classic API VP28 mic pres (2x)
Classic API VP26
Warm Audio WA12 mic pres (2x)

Neumann U87 w/ Klaus Heyne mod
AKG C414 B-ULS w/ Klaus Heyne mod
Royer 122 ribbon
AKG 451 (2x)
AKG D112
Sennheiser MD421 (4x)
Cascade DR2S Stereo Ribbon
Caascade Fathead II Ribbon Mic
Assorted 57s and 58s

2014 Martin HD35 acoustic
1997 Rickenbacker 360v64 Fireglo electric
1995 Les Paul Classic electric
2007 Fender Jazzmaster
Arctic White MIM Fender Jazz Bass

2015 Vox Limited Edition AC15C1 Guitar Amp British Garnet Red
1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp

Kurtzmann 5' 5" Baby Grand Piano
Wurlitzer Electric Piano Model 200a
Moog Sub37 Duophonic Analog Synthesizer
Behringer Deepmind 12 Analog synthesizer
Yamaha TG77 Tone Generator FM synthesizer
Kurzweil MicroPiano

Pearl Limited Edition Mahogany set
Ludwig blacrolite snare 5x14
Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5x14
Yamaha DTX Multi 12 Electronic Percussion Pad
Korg KP3+ Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects/Sampler

Too many to list

The Work

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